Lobbying, The Politician and his off shore, their, what, your money, accounts…corruption,

What, you have to declare your interests, he reads the form, ticks the box, no off shore hiding place, besides he smiles, totally secret, not even God can get into this account. The check arrives, he passes it to the accountant, it’s wired to the Cayman’s, nice and clean, the voters, idiots he thinks, they haven’t a clue.

How much does it cost, corruption.

Education, health care, social services, the hidden costs of corruption. What does it matter if you can’t do anything about it, better to try and capture the fresh air some say. Another expert says, well, were running out of that too. Esdras, the prophet, is told by the angel,that a time is coming, when corruption will be overcome, never says the pragmatist, his feet in both camps, he only backs winners, besides, you can’t beat it, it’s like a black man trying to find a jury of his peers, where. It will never change shouts another, it’s always been this way, why bother, your going to lose.

Scientist wears huge smile. Something new is discovered in space, and it’s not just new, it’s part of the new awareness, nothing like he’s seen before, is it the God particle they wonder. Two planes land on water within 12 months, all passengers survive unharmed. Why are we given such experiences; is there a message been given to mankind from afar?. accidents. A rock from space shaves the earth, a bump and we’d have been pole axed, scientists breathe , a sigh of relief. World goes into lock down, A worm of a virus, who planted it. The Chinese economy booms, blame them, it will slow them down. Another bout of assaults on the asian population, as die hard conspiracy theorists, are foaming at the mouth, every word that comes out of their mouths, gibberish. Can this really be happening, the experts shake their head, while many of the worlds voices go dim; they are clueless and don’t want to make fools of themselves; their emperor naked before the world, and doing all he can, to hold onto power, but loses anyway. Suddenly the unthinkable happens, no, not the off shore scam, that will come to a close, it’s all right to think of well being as normal; socialism is now being thought about in the United States, who can believe it, and they say, nothing changes. As Jesus and the prophets say, hold on, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

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