Dealing with doubts?

The mad season, the news wire crazy, the stories, human, pain filled,traumatic, talk of trust, where has it gone, many seeking the truth,where, so your dealing with doubts, then the simple answer, you switch the TV off, take a breather, where is the world going, amen.

Interestingly, the prophet esdras mentions this, and the confused times of now, how you ask, well it’s not photo shopped edited or scripted to put you at ease, it’s a pointer to God and how to establish a good relationship, with the Eternal Spirit of Creation.

If you feel that truth is in hiding, you are not alone, many feel the exact same. But rejoice, it’s meant to happen, in the hope that we ask, why, and perhaps,set a newer, healthier course. If in doubt, read about the prophet, it will help you become a better self,amen.

Have a stress free week, amen.

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