Mothers Day seen through the eyes of Vincent Van Gogh…just imagine it….

Vincent sighs, he has made his impressions, they even named a movement after him, not a bad innings, and pricey to say the least,timing is many things,but your Mother, you have a few of them, one you treasure over the others, so Vincent and his mother, imagine their thoughts on Mothers Day?

Your Father doesn’t send flowers, he says your painted one’s were more life enhancing. Vincent clutches his good ear, we all act irrationally at times,but we never let anyone starve recalls Vincent, imagine the times then and now, these are his thoughts, which he keeps to himself. Dad was good at providing food though, his mother smiles, Vincent is being civil, he is finding it hard, understanding the modern world, he wonders how it came to this level of complexity,but Vincent is a thinker,it’s why he preserved the past with his art, we too easily forget, we need miracles to remember.

Vincent rubs his chin; they never forget the sacrifice, theirs, amen.

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