Penalties for Those who interfere with the well being of the Holy Spirit, according to the apostles, and Jesus himself…….

Jesus turned to the fig tree, it’s fruit was bitter, he cursed the bush that produced the fruit.The very next day, the apostles are passing by the bush, now withered and dead, and wondered, the power in Jesus and His words. Esdras prayed for his people when he realized, the trouble they had landed themselves in. While Jesus even named the demons he encountered, not to familiarize us, but to put in words, the stark identity of demons, amen.

Solomon reread the old words, those he had written himself. He told the old monk of the experiences, even though he knew they watched, he wanted them to be reminded; that the Holy Spirit had come, amen. When God passes out blessings, changes usually follow, when blessings are ignored, that also goes on record, as when the books are opened.

So are you a child of the devil or a child of God. Do you bring light into the world, amen.

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