The New Mob?

Information disinformation cult times, is this the new mob, those that take over the minds of the lost, those looking for answers, whose only point of interest in them, or so they feel, are the multitudes of mobs, arranged under lots of names, mainly the latest cause, why, a smile appears, someone understands me, the moment you feel like belonging to a mindset that agrees with all your fears, AND they even give you that inner feeling of comfort, they understand your emotional drought, too good to be true, who rejects pain medication whatever the occasion, feel better now, it could be a drug in name, as it soothes the mind, Eureka, I found someone who understands me. Perhaps you have been taken, well when you are controlled mentally or physically, you are taken, be it chains around the heart or the wrist,they are all the same.

Solomon listened to one who appeared to have been taken in by a cult minded organisation, more politely, they appeared to have been totally brainwashed, that’s the power of reinforcement of the message, it’s how Adolf Hitler achieved power and notoriety, amen.

In a nutshell, those who offered violence as a solution to a problem, were not of Jesus or God, but to see the swastika and the stars and stripes joined together in the same mob, and national leaders applauding such damnation, you would be thinking it was a scene from the second world war, well, those that represented oppression were overcome by an army of right minded individuals.

Solomon sighed, this online bullying that those who escape the cult have to endure, by supporters of the so called golden boy president of former times, who believers of the cult, claim to be the Messiah, as did the followers Hitler applied to him too, is it a case of history trying to repeat itself, and if so, will we be as lucky again.

Even the demon acknowledges God, amen, while trying to convince followers, that it’s him, even when trying to destroy their minds?.

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