AT The Brink….

It’s fair to say, many of us are at the brink, choices ahead of us, a new opportunity if your optimistic, but has there ever been a time such as this, colossal the change, uncertain the future, no matter what blurb you are sold; human nature tells us, we run from what we fear being tarnished with, we create rules in order to reign ourselves in, and rules we enforce, with penalties too, even if there are those who wrangle their way around it.

Confused sexually, men trying to sound correct, the media presenting the choices, to be odd as they called it years ago,was no longer the case, as more and more individuals had lost or felt they lost, their own sexual identity. Boys treated royally by parents who favor them over girls in some places, a heavy burden for the girl, your existence predetermined for you.

Am I male or female, why do so many chase the very young, why do we do what we do, why does one part of society feel as if it’s unaffected by the laws, why do so many strain to find clean anything, why is it so, while so many claim, to be believers, can it be so.

Solomon encounters a highly strung woman who has one idea; change him, the man, Solomon, into someone like her, godless, someone with faith in the material, nothing more. Under the banner of help, how often do the perverted do the very same, using assistance as a way of getting involved, the woman puts a perceived great principle first, integrity, as Jesus tells us, gifts from the Real Spirit, are accompanied by certain characteristics, control is not one of them. Those whose aim is control, are not divinely inspired,amen.

The ears, the legs, the eyebrows, the hair, the knees, all areas of excitement, whatever your taste, man woman, woman woman, man woman man, the larger the better,the range of ideas that fill the head, while the zealot pretends to dislike all contact, well, the very mention of purity, it could be alcoholic spirit, it could be clean water. Meanwhile an army of righteous commentators are waiting to jump on whatever crisis arrives,hopefully one that fits their school of expertise, their voices so valuable considering the descent of Airplane Earth, at this near the brink moment.

Meanwhile, there will be the same as before types doing the same, success their only guide and whatever it takes as the saying goes, just in time to take advantage of the dire situations arriving, they having read those books about opportunities during times of despair, their plans laid out, while different parts of various economies suffer, its sweet to know, that as Jesus warned us, the vultures never disappear.

So on the brink, what sort of individual should you appear to be. Imagine the ship, staved in the ice, a rescue not possible unless you have the luck of a captain smith, is it too late then, or what about the new industry called data mining, a fancy term for using your interests to fish for your cash or your ideas, or was data mining a further warning point in the entire human journey; perhaps there are those who can steal from the mind, cults do it all the time,while those under the tuition of demons, Jesus tells us to be careful, demons exist, unless of course you don’t believe Jesus, but does data mining point to the fact, that all this data mining is bringing about our total destruction unless we have a major change, of course.

She loved him, gave into all his fantasies, he has a very professional job, the high IQ leads to a rather perverse brain when it comes to privacy, especially if you can’t socialize, where do all those go, the volcano has to burst somewhere. We are at the brink of change, some might imagine we are in it now, so what sort of person should we be, are we given clear instructions, written ones, yes in fact, from the long past, we are given warning, as to the signs, the conditions prevailing, what to expect, but we are also told, that God will come to the rescue of His People, hold firm, there is no point joining in with schemers now, those of the demons know their prospects, the more of you among their number, the safer they will feel, as we get closer, to the brink.

The children showed signs of anxiety, was it exacerbated by the actions of those around them, what would the reputation mean later, all the big talk of his would mean nothing unless he got rid of her, he makes a plan, with another weird friend, if she is under great stress, it will even be easier,she will do it to herself. an unbelievable bonus, she seeks comfort from others, he thanks his luck, he will store the details to convince her family and friends, isolate her, well, in Opus and church circles, he is a cunning thinker, and since he is well got in ecclesiastical circles, everyone will believe him, perhaps.

Apart from all these moments, too much truth in them and warnings if you look deep enough, you have to get over those times, when you only wanted the juicy titbits, we are far beyond the sound byte generation, over explanation is now taking over, did they use Swiss water or french water in the production of the vaccine, does it matter, does it work should be all that matters, amen.

So, on the brink of change, what sort of future do you envisage?, as Jesus told everyone, it’s in our hands, how we care for the world and it’s constituent parts, our free will.

Sounds too far fetched, well, place yourself in south america during the sixties and afterwards, how many social democracies were spoiled because of interference from afar, by those who only understood wealth creation and nothing else,yes it’s a toll when you have to deal with reality,and it’s heavy on the shoulders too for many, but as all those so called experts state with professional clarity,the truth sets you free, well, that’s only for the ordinary people, keep on scheming.

Does anyone have an idea what will happen when we go over the abyss, or have we gone over already, and hanging on with our finger tips?

Comedy moment, Jesus and his pals watch them gather at the highest point, is that what it seems….


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