The Hospital Bed

I’m not sharing, she is adamant, I’m professional, I have insurance for this, the nurse nods politely, she was told she was difficult, this particular woman. The long suffering nurse has seen it all, but this woman, who does she think she is,hasn’t she noticed the pandemic, a room for herself, most people would be glad to have a companion.

She sulks after the nurse leaves the room, after awhile, her fellow patient asks her,where are you from, she is only being thoughtful,trying to make the younger lady feel welcomed. No answer, the kind old lady sighs, one of those, too proud to ask.

A visitor comes to visit the old lady, our difficult patient tries to eavesdrop, talking cats and children, nephews, gibberish she decides, being a successful business woman she never had time for interference, especially if it got in the way of her career. Now she lies alone in the bed.

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