Spiritual well being…

There is this thing inside you the teacher said, the soul, or Spirit, how you tend to it, is the story of the gardener, it needs regular tending to, or as the saying goes, you don’t wait for the announced visit of relatives or friends before you do the big clean up, then it’s too late. She sits in on the course, she is trying to win the support of other professionals, her CV will be more informed as they say, it will earn her a few points in the intellectual points division of her tower high knowledge base, might even help her in her personal relationships. So many re turning to God, she does not want to be left behind. She pretends to be listening, appears to write notes, she is only waiting like a snake in the grass, a tactic she learned from her skillfully cruel husband.

What has she to do with Spiritual wealth, she is only interested in the condo and the strange boys she meets online, Solomon heard the voices, who wouldn’t be confused,when so many use their so called religious upbringing as a tool of entry into certain groups. It wasn’t God they had in mind; the others in the group were like themselves, professionals.

Honesty. Often forgotten about, like long starved children and those killed in war zones. Pray it don’t happen to you, famine, what has that to do with Spirit, Solomon sighed, you have to seek with an honest heart, you don’t order it like a takeaway, it’s not fashion either, it requires a deep understanding of yourself, who you really are, not the stranger that shows up in your place.

So how can you raise that Spirit inside you; Solomon thought about it, it took less than three seconds to arrive at the answer,but it might take years to explain,meanwhile the volcano over the road is flaring and time is running out, clean water is a stock exchange number and children the world over are confused with themselves, who are we they ask themselves everyday, as everyday brings a new explanation, who can keep up with it, why?.

Space wars shouted Solomon, if you work that out, you will have the answer,amen.

The mystic bitch in the room raises her hand, she has a question she wants to ask, it’s pointed, she is smug inside, her lipstick is bright red, she wants everyone to know, who asked this one.

Why did so many …

Before she has time to finish the question, a wall of lava hits the building, entombing them all for posterity, same as the Mount Etna eruption or was it Krakatoa, whatever, in some future time, a team of dedicated archaeologists will be doing the very same; what happened to the Spirit, didn’t they know of the power of the Spirit, more later,amen.

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