Seeking Mercy…

You might call the early martyrs odd, why give your life up, given the obvious hatred of the roman army, the threat from the Jewish community; it wasn’t the course that many followed, but they went the distance. Having hard core proof of concept was very liberating, what was there to fear when you were witness to the miracles of Jesus, this life is temporary, who do you fear, who do you pray to in times of great stress, who do you ignore when times are good, what do you serve when things look up, the ego mainly. It’s not hard to work out. Jesus knew our nature, underwent constant spying,was surrounded by those who tried to drown the message, who wanted the status quo to remain as was, same as politicians in power, their seat is all that matters. So we cheat regularly, fewer and fewer live in secure homes, sound bytes are taken for news, while children are so confused, even their identity is in doubt. It’s not supposed to be easy, it never has been, the life of Jesus tells us. We are more keen on money and sex than anything else, our thrills.

So with signs, and efforts to sow discord, potential crisis’s in most directions, should we be seeking mercy, or should we roll along with the mediocre, amen, as if we are all powerless. This mercy course of action,will demand fierce changes, spin doesn’t work with the Almighty, amen.

Like a thief in the night, the change comes,amen.

2 thoughts on “Seeking Mercy…

    • when they are lying on their death beds they will have all the reflection they need without being able to do anything about it,and the signs that are appearing, mirror the words of ancient prophecy, so it’s a case of ignore it, or it’s a case to realizing that this is all real and not just a temporary inconvenience…?

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