Our Choices

They love the praise of men, rather than God, old words written in the times of Jesus. Passing on the legacy to the children, greed, when it could have been compassion, because they sought the praise of men. Why are the words put down all those years ago, perhaps to trigger the inner consciousness, as Jesus knew too well, how they really thought.

Solomon sighed, there was much discomfort for those who believed, few lead people, oppressed for their views,and considered silly and stupid by the those with their eyes set on the purely ambitious. Room for God, how do you suppose to earn the respect of God if you are purely material. How can a person in power make up for their selfish policies, given that their actions were driven by bribes; this is a universal issue, and since the signs are coming daily, they seem to be aimed at those in power, as Jesus foretold many years go, the higher level of trust expected of those in positions of power, and how they will be judged. Well, those signs don’t lie neither do the numbers,choices, its in our hands, amen.


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