Trials, the Cross, all those hardships, is there more….

So many died in this war, so many died in that struggle, blood, misery, loss, the growth of hatred, racism, the color bias, your standing in society, your economic clout, corrupt leaders, lost minds, babbling leaders, women seeking justice, color now another war zone, extremists talking up hatred, the electric highway a free for all, news at the ready every hour from every space on the planet, an environmental crisis, children beginning to recover from a very stress filled existence,many people confused as regards their own identify, a cartoon character president, while there are those who blind themselves to any issue that disrupts their focus on success, while others dream of life millions of miles away, while many on earth struggle to eat, does that sum up the current state of our creativity, the mess we all created, which the current health crisis tells us, is not a local issue, but a global issue, is there more?.

New horizons, we need to move forward, there is a lot of baggage to park, and dump safely, not like those rust buckets they send to third world countries,where there are no environmental laws at all, legally correct might look good in an audit report, but that’s all, in the new horizons, won’t the different environmental reports be now the new standard, or will it be more of the past, while waiting for the next wave.

New Horizons, will we commemorate war and death,or will we gather to remind ourselves, that war doesn’t work. There is conflict, it’s very Jewish in action, eye for an eye, the get even principle, the antithesis of Peace, amen. AS the Russians would say, such a policy leaves everyone blind eventually, is this what happened, all the stuff we can’t forgive, why do we set it up so,

Solomon sighed, even the apostles found the teaching of Jesus difficult at times; forgiveness especially, but Jesus also told them, that when they had the Spirit with them, there were wonders they too could perform, even doing the miracles to ease their minds, rubbishing the fear that had a hold over them….So why is there suffering, some have suffered for centuries, some are still waiting, why we ask. When do we appreciate love, its usually after it’s fled, the contrast, Jesus was and is a paradox, no idols he stressed, while we made an idol of him, while he points to the Father. So, what is the lesson. As the smiling doctor will tell you, it takes so much energy being miserable, while light never burdens. In a nutshell, as we shed light on all these old horrors, we release the hurt stored inside, while freeing up space for what is light bearing, just a thought…

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