Double Standards…

He is old, he stumbles, there is something wrong the media reporter says, how they attack Joe Biden for giving encouragement to those with the least, are they afraid of Kamala Harris taking the reigns, what a woman, the ire in men’s eyes, some of them, the usual order of things, men first being overhauled in front of a global audience. There is gold in the wisdom of the elders, well it’s the latest fashion thing, how the elderly are showing off many hidden skills, even on the cat walk, gone are the size six models, women who look like young children, what is the thrill you ask.

Solomon sighed, well, maybe it was a smile. The noose was tightening around those involved in massive greed, their off shore havens on the list for change, well, given the many millions in dire need of medical help, their bodies unable to deal with the toxic requirements of over used medications, apart from the usual stress, a few trillion siphoned out of those off shore caves, would do a lot to dent the health costs of those who had been deprived by the actions of a few corrupt men.

Joe stumbles three times while walking the gangway to air force one, and it being Easter week, it must have reminded many millions of the last walk of Jesus, before they fixed him to the cross. Second time around, the ending is in stark contrast to that first shameful walk. With a second in command more than able, Joe has nothing to worry about, despite the efforts of a few slick demons to unhinge him. They ought to be seeking mercy if they had a brain cell between them, amen.

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