Looking for God in all the wrong places, where must he be, {sex doesn’t matter before the protest}, looking for God, did he put that building up, that said, women enter by the side entrance men use the front door, well, there are associations of people who have strange rules that favor men a little, however, if you think about it, {in some old writings women are more highly favored than men, maybe this soft gloves treatment is a way of making up to them a little?}, after all, there is very little a man can do, without a woman.

Rules, even the old books tell us, these are all add ons, when it comes to the actual truth. The where to look, another group promises salvation, they are all well dressed, adds to the attraction, another group promises devotion to poverty, another group promises to murder evil, the promises add up, the confusion grows, the extremists get in on the act, moving sheep is a busy opportunity, same as the old cow and horse movies, the sheep are loose, the thieves arrive, this is just common sense. The flock is looking left and right, where are the signs.

Isaiah has the content, you have to pick up the book, it’s not an offence to seek wisdom, and most of the wisdom worth repeating, is in them old books, how you react to good advice, is a matter of taste; those with an interest in learning will look for themselves and learn on the double too, so where is God hiding tonight. Have you arranged a load of distractions so as to be too busy, too tired perhaps, it’s easy to fall off the path, then have to admit, that you need to do it again. Have you created a wall between yourself and God, just to pretend, in order not to have to prove it to yourself? Afraid to deal with it, that what you hide inside yourself, your less than good ways.

Solomon sighed; so many seeking the inner peace, yet refusing to clean up inside first,amen.


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