Trouble, they come to help the preacher,he lost his calling for greed, they assume there must be something wrong with him, he doesn’t want to be with them. Tactics, the spy, another idiot, playing with eternity, even when warned. The preacher he says, “He doesn’t even have a car, as for a pension, that will be the ruin of him”, they snigger in private,wondering if their help is working, all he says, create a relationship where you are not in control, chose God, they raise their noses, money makes them conceited, he will learn soon enough.

The private jet can’t move, access to the off shore account has been suspended,and 99% of the worlds population, don’t like those who take advantage of others,them,amen

Be a friend today, remind those who annoy you, of your faith in God, amen. They will sneer, try to go shopping if they are allowed, they will Que in the grocery store,and their patience will run dry, and as before, they will try to lobby for social change that suits them, and no one else, and when they meet you on the street,they will call you friend. who are they fooling,amen

Seek wisdom and you will find real friends.

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