The Old Story

The grief, the prophets of old had to put up with. There you have Jesus, eating his dinner with some of those looked down upon, by the so called respectable folks,drinking a glass of wine, mingling with fallen women as some are called, then you have this Pharisee,dressed in robes lift his nose up, as if he is someone superior. The story is a familiar one; mixing with those deemed unclean, what will you catch. And many wonder why Jesus used story to teach, knowing full well, how laws are altered to favor a certain opinion, thereby, pushing more and more people, to seek Spiritual guidance from charlatans, may we all learn.

1 thought on “The Old Story

  1. Words over history have been investigated by Science . Pictures are interpretation of the artists understanding of the story. We must not debate the stories of aniceint history. Maybe this is how man-made Religion developed. As a humble servent of God my devotion is simple. Amen

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