Time For The Spirit

Pandemic, has anyone considered the other side, meaning,the revelations of old, and the current times. Demons were aware, its their only fear,God’s Holy Spirit, it is why they try to interfere with the growth of what is life giving, in the eternal sense, as there is no cure for evil ,it’s why so much doubt and confusion is being sown. Where do you look for help, whom do you trust, when you see chaos everywhere, you grab the first piece of sound advice.

The sheep are rounded up, they run to the first place they find comfort. However, there are lessons written, over, 2,000 years old, about times such as these. There will be doubts, there will be chaos, and false leaders of the Spirit will present themselves, as chosen messengers, hoping to draw the interest of those who truly believe, hoping to lead them into a state, whereby, their Faith in the one true God will be replaced, by a God of the demon’s making, don’t be fooled, hold tight to the truth revealed by Jesus, God’s Kingdom lies inside you, the clean space, where the Truly Loving Spirit, resides. It’s why your habits become you.

Time for Spirit,what does it mean, or how do you make time for the Spirit, can evil dwell in God’s Holy Place, or put in a nutshell, it is written, that strong men will try to takeover the hearts of all, however, it’s written, they are guaranteed to fail, amen. So create a life style that is in rhythm with the divine plan, one of compassion, empathy, this is a basic, and never forget, Love does not have a color preference, those who say otherwise, deceive everyone.


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