The Yes Men Syndrome.. the new Becket play…

It’s time social media came up with a new medical condition, the YMS people, those who fall foul of the yes man syndrome. Yes man, Okay, fine by you, yes man, fine by you, I’m increasing your wages, yes man, any new ideas, yes man, another idea, another man,yes man, another raise. This sounds like a Beckett play,

Sounds obscure, Jesus draws a line in the sand, Jesus tells his apostles, that he reveals to them, the secrets of Heaven, but not to everyone, it’s knowledge that has to be added to, living Spirit, can anyone explain the meaning. The rules of men, don’t address the problem, far from it, usually sends people astray/ The Yes man syndrome, Yes man, the human rubbish we ingest cause it’s the fashion not to question.

Finally a child Speaks up, you are talking rubbish. The experts in the room look at the boy, they decide he isn’t well for asking. Think of the former tyrants, their numbers being added to daily; Gregory, what is this Internet about, where do we fit in. Gregory hasn’t a clue, Of course I know, Yes man he says. He hires a consultant, then another one, each one clueless. The tyrant was a Yes man too, but ran out of road, Yes man syndrome, an awful disease…..


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