A Day in the Life 2,000 years ago…

Mars day, rover got to Mars, it’s all very interesting. One day on Mars, how about a day in the Temple with Jesus, ears open, hoping to hear words of inspiration. No TV, no reporters either, but plenty of Spies, trying and hoping to find fault with the words being spoken, recording them on tablets for others to HEAR, Imagine Jesus,seeing the spy, shakes the head, at least he won’t go home uneducated. The crowd gets bigger,the words are exciting, meanwhile,a few pharisee’s, sneak closer, they too, getting rubbed inside, their hearts opening to the revelations.

Advice for religious practitioners of all types; How do you interpret the early teachings, do you pass them on by pure rote, or have dug into their full meaning. Well, if Rover got to mars, maybe their is the big visit on Here, just saying, amen..

For a start, Men and women are equals, Jesus, 2,000 years ago. Amen

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