Failure to Forgive

Ignore the personal cost, we all carry weight, but what has been the cost to human kind? It’s lead to the development of chemical weapons, wars,bio terrorism, and atrocities of such horror, spoiled the environment, ruined the hope of fellowship, and you wonder why Jesus said it repeatedly. Obviously, if you expect God to forgive you, you ought to try.

What’s hidden is being revealed across the world, and while we might be angered by the tantrums of Donald and company, He has given you all a get out clause, a paradox perhaps, but God uses all of us, as instruments when He has to, amen.

Of course, forgiveness is free will, the choice, you make it every day. And when you don’t forgive, you gravitate towards those who don’t, leaving you deep in the resentment zone.

God never forced anyone to forgive; Ever hear of the sins of the Father, and what it means; those habits we pass on, it’s that simple, amen


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