The Fate of Those Who Suppress The Spirit, And What or Where Will Be Their Reward….

Seriously, this is not random thought it’s based on the experiences of a man, who firstly, was considered dead, had his organs donated, who after recovering, encountered the Holy Spirit, and Has been given the gift of words, in a nutshell, One who writes with the Kingdom of God in mind, not man made applause, but One who has earned the approval of the Angels, and more, seriously. If you continue reading, you will get a glimpse of the Power of the Holy Spirit, The Spirit that has no nationalistic aspirations, but has His sights aimed, at Heavenly Heights, nothing less.

What is the Spirit, meaning, How do we create the Loving Environment that provides the space for the Spirit from above, to find solace and rest within human hearts, can you imagine the following; visitor from afar is coming to stay, yes, stay, and you have to make adjustments at home for the visitor to feel welcome. Are you able to imagine it, this is not about the material; it’s about the form of the welcome you are about to provide.

Firstly, those who intentionally cause disruption to the harmony of Love, those who encourage us to be greedy, (don’t confuse greed with success as many zealots do so readily), those who gladly look down on others, those who ignore wisdom, those who encourage others to deny the very existence of God as we understand it, what is their fate, well, when a major change is about to take place, you are usually given advice on how best to prepare for the change; passing on, the lawyer and the will, the blessings from the Parents when you decide to commit to loving another, there are many circumstances.

Well, it’s better to leave it to your discretion I suppose, we don’t want to sound preachy, so if it’s directions you need, the book is recommended, and for more accurate advice, perhaps reading up on the prophets of old, will help you to find the answers. If you get stuck, send us a query, and I will give you my thoughts on the matter, amen.

If you want the short version, your conscience is what you need to deal with, so while you want to hold grudges and stuff, please believe me, if you can’t forgive, you are in difficulties, as your conscience will drown you…..forgiveness that is real, is like a life buoy in the middle of the ocean, it will keep you afloat, tips for the world to come…and charity, we will get to that later, a wise teacher will never over burden the student, amen.

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