You ought to be, the world devoid of leader ship, the only semblance of normality, in Europe, the least nationalistic environment on the planet today, a family of different cultures and languages, working together, the fat ego’s non existent, the news believable , no double talk, no putting down of any of the member nations, despite the efforts of the extremists to unhinge the so called experiment, confused.

Treasure Box

more noise in the corridors of power, neat be-speckled professional life time lobbyists want it their way, the wages are heavy, the rewards serious, purely material, acting as if they live in a Godless world, well, they are not thinking of wisdom, self interest their rule book, amen.

Isaiah wrote a long time ago, and being the Prophet of God that Jesus referred to most of all, surely, the answers to our issues, are in his words, amen.

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