Signs in the Sky…..George Orwell’s Final warning given on his death bed, author of 1984…..

Across the night sky, a light is seen, bearer of heavenly news, joy to the hearts of those who love, (love has many forms, exploitation of others doesn’t come into the reckoning), the joy in the hearts, is setting fire to the love in so many hearts, the most wonderful of contagions, that feel good factor, you know, the local high when the home team beats the odds, the feel good affect, now that feeling is going global, if it hasn’t reached you yet, hang in there, its on the way.

Are you the one He asked, well, Solomon smiled, it was too good to be true, the power of words and more, as close as the heart is to the blood that runs through the body, the Spirit was on the move, and it could not happen soon enough for many.

How those who corrupted the world felt, why care, they know what they have done, and they see the signs, it could only be made possible from the Heavenly Powers; they better have their $1,000 an hour lawyer on standby, they will be busy, but since they boast about the cost of this and that, it was time to humble them, amen.

People running around the world seeking refuge, SO MANY, had no one noticed the divine affect, not seen in such quantum since the first coming of Jesus, hang on he screamed, put your trust in the One who loves eternally, and not in those, who want to control your life, perpetually, amen.

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