Fathers Day

Stuff you learn, where does it come from, who influences you, who turned your ear, what was it, who, the teacher. It starts the very first day your out of the womb, bundled in love, the star attraction, the delicate dependent being, you, me, everyone.

Solomon sighed; He has a very forgiving nature, likes triers, dotes on the compassionate, and is always guiding, what a Father. Solomon recalled the great start he got; there was no emphasis on wealth, it was education that mattered and good example. As he said to a friendly acquaintance; those that belong to you are all around you, don’t depress them, do something for their Spirit, as Jesus says, His words eternal; don’t fear those who threaten you with death, it’s the Spirit inside you, that is what you should be nourishing. As Old Amo says, be always ready for a face to face with the Almighty God, amen, great advice in these times, amen.

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