Don’t Blame Donald

We love Texas big, we love hooters too, we don’t mind screwing nations, we don’t mind the wealth gap either, we don’t like nuclear weaponry,we want convenience, we adore sound bytes, we, what is it you represent, you are pro life, but are you really, the bigger the lie the more we support it, even when we know otherwise.

A life of privilege, those who serve the people acting like mini gods, glad to attract the support of some so called celebs, can anyone really say what a celeb is anyway. The loss is incredible, the recovery even greater, spying on everyone, calling it freedom, pretending to be of God, has anyone ever put into practice Jesus’s words, anyone.

The money is too big to ignore, resentment, the focus, on getting some of it, while every con man with possessions, does what can be done to undermine, meanwhile a new group is formed to avenge past hate, we can’t blame Donald for all of this, the pressure on life, the assault on the human core, information levels at military level, does it not feel abnormal, while children have access to the excess’s of the world, three clicks away.

Solomon wondered if all this anti trump stuff mattered; the environment on the brink, stress levels at heights Jesus would have found difficult. What were the media going to do with themselves; how often they misrepresent the truth, that blazing headline, we never noticed before, the shake of the head not us, well, wont money fix all this, here virus we are giving you a billion and sending you into exile in Switzerland, we would if we could, blame anyone but ourselves.

Having encountered the Holy Spirit, there is so much evidence it is wonderful, Real God Most High exists, when you make space inside you, for that Glorious Spirit to live, you wont blame Donald anymore. View him as an instrument of the Most High, giving us a front row seat of our reality, well….we got the full monty, a TV star president, what did we expect, Jimmy Carter. As George Harrison sang, surely we are learning, amen

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