How Much You Got in the Bank?

After the last blast of the card i’ll be paying it back for ever, how much you got in the bank, his companion is suspicious, does the guy want a loan, why would he, he’s well off, does he want some, nice dress, they pass a woman’s fashion shop, your not embarrassed he says, what’s that supposed to mean, is there ever talk of anything else, i have more hits than you, while you think, the river feeding the city is toxic, no amount of bragging will fix that, i can loan you some he says after a short silence, what’s that supposed to mean, how much money you got in the bank, there would be a lot of answers, since those who had the money in the bank called the shots, even in the times of Jesus, then he opened his mouth, AND wisdom poured out, the source, or credit, given to Another, it’s the Spirit after all, just needs space, so how much you got in the bank, a car races around the corner, two men disembark, a JCB appears from a side alley, the scene is lit, your eyes wide open,as the digger head smashes the ATM, while two men in balaclavas wear rifles in their hands. seconds later, they get into the car, the digger is doused with petrol, so it seems, you are watching with a sense of amazement and awe, as the car stops beside the digger, where a man gets out, lighter in hand, he flicks the zippo, the two friends freeze, it’s not the same when it’s real, it’s real, and that frightens, the words, I love you, what, the time clock stops, well, the robber raises his hand, lighter inflame mode, sorry for disturbing you two fine gentlemen, he says to our astonished friends, just doing the lords work he says, as he tosses the flame on the gas drowned digger, whoosh, a mighty light, flash, boom, wow, if only we had preachers like that who had wisdom on their side.

I guess we don’t have to worry about the money, why so says his friend, phone in hand, your not going to put in on social media are you, his friend ignores him completely, this will go around the office for weeks he says out loud, while speaking to himself, and you wonder why things go wrong.

what did they mean by doing the lords work asks the phone handed friend, still taking shots, he is pacing the scene like a stressed movie director on too much cocaine and way over budget. so what did they mean by doing the lords work he asks again, can you move little left, more left so as you wont be in the picture, whats that supposed to mean, you now have the fire brigade and half the police department on the street. Doing the lords walk, coming across a man lying down, is that money hanging out of his pocket, appears drunk, you are thinking of doing the lords work….

copyright he says, that was why I wanted you out of the picture?… A week later you are having a discussion. After leaving the scene, the friend of the phone went back to have one last look at the bank scene, alone, where he got arrested for loitering around the scene of a federal crime, on suspicion of having set the robbery up. While on the way to the station, the car hit a lamp post, the phone friend went to hospital. So who was doing the lords work?

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