Christmas 2020

travel ban, still waiting to cross the border, and maybe a job in a launderette,news story, the darned virus, could we not clean up after ourselves, imagine the health benefit, what, in some places you,well in most places, well maybe nearly everywhere, well, does super man exist, another sausage roll and i wont fit into the suit, any chance of replacement, a career, think of all the endorsements, all those suits I could sell, my face one every bill board,why is that strange person following me, what my friend says, your face is everywhere, what is that shiny object in his hand, a new phone dear, where is the make up when you need it. Can we buy another refrigerator, where is all that stuff going, christmas 2020, at least we got that far.

RATHER THAN escape, learn to communicate. He watches the practices of those he deems unworthy, has a list of sins in his head, like a hard working accountant he can’t stop adding them all up, a penny for your thoughts. Your celebrations, every religious group must celebrate, every family does this, she wears odd clothes, it’s different when you live near the north pole.

Love, as Jesus tells us, the good stuff belongs to the FATHER IN Heaven.

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