Fruits of Love

How can you compare a vegetable to love Dear, she is pouring more coffee into his cup, while she leans over his shoulder, trying to gaze at the headline to the song he is trying to write. There’s too much sugar in this honey he says, taking a sip. So much for the fruits of love you grumpy old fool she says, while reading the headline, under her breath. he begins to hum, the fruits of love fit like a glove to the insides of my heart, every time you sigh I get so high I can feel you deep inside, she stops as she is about to pour him a fresh cup, she begins to hum, he stops writing, turns around, the day I met you my life changed for ever, now your the only fruit I like, where did you get that line from he says. She smiles at him, you didn’t think I had it in me dear, you are not the only one with talent around here. After a half hour more effort they have created their first song together. Aptly called, the fruits of Love.

Solomon sighed, there are so many reminders in nature, tips, that try to direct us, lead us to new paths. An apple on the tree, the fruit is picked, boxed and packed off, consumed in some far off place, by those who have no idea where it came from, just eaten. How could it be compared to love, what was the lesson. He struggles to find meaning, the feeling we sometimes get when things go awfully wrong, and we wonder, why me. Just a feeling we all have now and again.

Eureka, he smiled, the fruit has a life span, must be consumed within a certain time, or stored in a condition, that conserves it’s goodness. Love is like that apple, it has to be consumed, and all of us, are consumers. Love does not exist in substance, it only exists in doing, and you can only harvest it, by passing it on. Was that a fair description he wondered, or would he look at an apple with the same mind set again, amen.

Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell — PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture

And now the young monsieur and madame have rung the chapel bell “C’est la vie”, say the old folks, it goes to show you never can tell Now when I hear this song I think of Pulp Fiction because it was feature in the 1994 classic. The song peaked at #14 in the Billboard 100, […]

Chuck Berry – You Never Can Tell — PowerPop… An Eclectic Collection of Pop Culture


The old Clint Eastwood movie, “pale rider”, the local tyrant howls, you mean they found a preacher, dam, he will hold them together, the tyrant shakes his head, Fear of God outweighs fear of men, and the tyrant knows this. In these strange times, it was odd to see those who claimed to be of God, act so callously, holding their wallet in one hand, while boasting about their Faith in God; they hadn’t read the words of the Prophets, or the warnings of Jesus, how the mighty will be humbled, amen.

The Spirit from above brings a bounty of good things, not selfish endeavors, it’s light, it’s easy to listen to, it lifts, and makes those who feel down, rise in Spirit. Solomon smiled, the kindness of the lady who helped him; it wasn’t a brand of religion she practiced, even if she did attend the temple; it was the example of the good Samaritan, the real faith, amen, lifts the Spirit, not just your ego. Thanks.

Time Patience and Guidance

TPG dudes, what do you mean. Time, if you are not in a rush, you might learn something, Patience, sometimes you have to wait that’s all, ever hear of child birth, guidance, did you ever see how a small child imitates, it’s how they learn. Solomon sighed, there was so much vitriol on the screen, anger, violence, from men with so called civil manners, who were thinking of the impact their words were having on the audience listening. Solomon wondered, what did the God of the Holy Prophets make of them, deliberately inciting hatred, in order to gain popularity. He recalled the days of Moses, and how the chosen heirs, had lost their divine protection, when they returned to worship the God of the Material only. Patience, Time and Guidance, it needs to be put in motion, not just spin.

The old lady hasn’t the speedy recall of days of old, it’s just a case of having a lot of memories in there, and as the total builds up and the pressure is applied, its easy to get confused; often it’s just a case of patience. Same as the old horse who set records when in his full health, the legs are there, the tail wags, the oats taste sweet, it’s just that the hips are a little sore, time.

We lived in a world, where it was all push, fast, now, no tomorrow, results today, no time to pause, same as on a busy street during rush hour, can’t stand still, and then having to contend with bullying in your work place, little wonder the world had gone out of sync. More time, more patience, better guidance, amen.