How the Spirit Heals…

Surely you care about those you love, surely you are of compassion, surely you are not the type to take advantage of others, surely you don’t read the rule book when another needs a friend, surely you forgive, if you are really a believer in God Most High, surely all that high talk is not wind going nowhere, surely you have substance, it’s not all for show, surely not, and most importantly of all, you are not a narcissist who tries to take credit for it all, not even Jesus did that, and surely since you believe, you have made yourself acquainted with the words he preached, surely you understand why he had difficulty healing where the Spirit was very weak, surely you didn’t allow man made rules to control the Spirit inside you, surely you didn’t build a kingdom for yourself without thinking about others first, lest you lose the Spirit, surely. Surely by now you have figured it out, how the Spirit heals, amen.

Solomon listened to the preacher; He was calling out for Healing Help, asking those assembled to pray for those in need, he had a particular soul in mind, the Preacher, a soul of great worth, who needed the Healing Spirit to comfort and ease.

Peace in the heart, death does not exist, open the heart, allow the pain of healing rush in, recall the words of Jesus, recall the 72 he sent out on the mission, who came back praising God Most High; we cast out demons in your Name Lord, and they obeyed, we Healed in the Holy Name. Imagine the sigh in the Heart, this is real, the power of the Holy Spirit. Raise the Spirit of Love, and remind all,God does not live in hate filled hearts, doesn’t cause anger to rise, and hates violence; How can love be real unless the hearts are real. You have heard of the Healing Power of Love, well, it’s a case of practice, amen.

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