You Don’t Own Me!

walk in my shoes and lecture me afterwards…

I own you, she had just come in the door, a new dress on, that had attracted the attention of a visiting friend, when afterwards he pulls her aside, you don’t own me, she looks at him with terror in her eyes, she never encountered this sort of response before, what had got into his head. Ownership sighed Solomon, where do the ideas come from. He was reflecting on the Holy Spirit, the living Spirit that Jesus continually referred to, living, in that in lived inside you, words he repeated to his apostles, the Pharisee’s, to  all that were listening. The Father resides inside you, In Spirit, so how can you own that, if you believe, you can only provide a safe dwelling. Solomon encountered many who climbed the mountain as he called it, from many different starting points, not everyone was lucky at their start. Given that the world and it’s welfare demanded new living arrangements with regard to how we looked on our neighbours, it was wise to reflect on the life giving words that led to eternity, as promised, amen.

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