Woman in the Faith

What you learn when listening to the radio, what you learn when you listen, what you miss when you keep your ears closed, what you miss when you ignore the words of Jesus, lessons for everyone alive. We follow the words of Jesus, the role is not important, plumber, baker, teacher, father, female, male, girl or boy, there was no distinction in the Heart of Jesus, yet so many of Faith, close their minds to the words of compassion while ignoring the value of the words themselves, same as lawyers warning the public about the regulations while working out ways to get around them, same as those of religions who state they believe in the words of Jesus, yet enact laws that are a contradiction to those words they claim to honour, leading to a lot of confusion and distrust amongst so many, and the mistreatment of women everywhere, on account of the failure to put in practice the words Jesus preached; in other words, how can you claim allegiance to the Holy Words, and then

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