New Soul Seeking Directions…

So many are trying to mislead, the news is hard to believe, there are so many issues, and those who want my attention, are good at inserting ideas and reminders of injustice on my path, there are those who are willing to sell their souls, who will do anything to hang onto the power they have, and so many of them wear smiling faces, while in the shadows, they plot ways to trick me, where does the Soul go, or do I Have to follow one of these groups. Only when i dig, do I realize, the efforts to confuse me, so many of them claim to believe in Jesus Christ, is this the prophecy of old times being brought to life in these times of confusion.

Solomon listened to the soul, seeking peace, well being, rest, calm, a source of peace, it wasn’t easy as the ancients said, and many gave their lives, for the sake of the world to come, have things changed. In the words of the parables, the wisdom of the world is explained. There are two Spirits, one of the higher love, that being of God, and that of the lower world, that promotes, selfishness, hatred, resentment and fear and ego. So you want peace in your world, you want calm for your children, where do you go.

The light you pass out, the goodness that is inside you, that finds its way into everyday actions that lifts the well being and Spirit of others, leads you to the path of God and lasting love, its a road that many can’t find as they are not able to open their hearts to the needs of others, and others include, the needs of others outside your own interest group. God loves all, and we are expected to encourage the same. Don’t allow dark thoughts overcome you, amen.

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