Virus Issues

Issues, who hasn’t got them, since the days of old, it’s always been the case, issues. Call the lawyer, call a friend, the world is flourishing with issues, open the paper, the news, the TV, everywhere you look, issues, so we have a health issue, when wasn’t the case, the poor can’t afford medical cover, you can’t work without insurance, drive a car, wrong country, immigrant issue, darn issues, it’s as if we own the place, even though we all know we are going to have to leave it all behind, and then you will face the mother of all issues, where do you go next.

Solomon recalled a friend, a tale of woe, not about catching a virus, more about how long the time left, a real health issue, it put all other issues in perspective. Can’t go to the movies, rent, can’t visit the girl friend, zoom, can’t can’t can’t, so we have issues. In a nutshell, our eagerness to take over the world had put us in the spot we were in, we could not help ourselves, we forgot to think of others, the worst of all issues; maybe the Virus, was the only way to stop the self from overcoming the Spirit within, allowing space for worthy thoughts to filter into our beings, an issue worth seeking, something all could gain from, rather than the interests of the few.

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