Healing Healing Healing

Words of Healing, don’t condemn, don’t point blame, Healing, going to the doctor, trained, you expect a wise diagnosis, and a course of treatment, Spiritual healing, you see a Holy Guide, you are prepared, you don’t expect rules and regulations, you don’t expect to hear about a religious brand, you want to be healed, physical healing, the power of the Holy Spirit, the gifts from God, what did Jesus tell us, what would he tell Spiritual leaders today.

You are not in charge for one, you are servants number two, and if you have the Spirit from above, it will show in how you treat all people, not just your own flock. Laying on hands, it’s been documented in recent times, persons with the healing touch, and those with healing prayers, it was not a seven year examination to declare sainthood either, it was rather simple. Do modern day spiritual leaders believe in the power of miracles, or rather, have they given up on even trying, to raise the Spirit, many believers ask these questions in private, afraid to utter them in public, in case they are ostracized by those that lead them Spiritually.

Solomon encountered the cloud, the Spirit, and many other amazing events. God is within reach, you just have to make space inside you, just as Jesus said all those years ago. There is no eureka moment, there is no shining moment, its inside you, the light makes it happen. When the Spirit is with you, it shows.

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