Rhythm Flows…

No need for long explanations, the car won’t start, there is obviously something wrong, immediately we call the mechanic, we know where to go, there are no doubts, we have an ache, the doctor, we have need for education, school, we have need for rearing, we follow our parents, we have worries, we contact a friend, we have doubts over the existence of God, we ask ourselves, how does a bird fly, where did a butterfly arrive from, we look at nature, when we ask another human being, more likely we are filled with doubts, everyone has their view, their bias, their experience, not every man beats up women, but the memory sticks. In times of doubt, and this is a time of doubt, incomes in limbo, the future uncertain, no one knowing the way, a new guru trying to gain devotee’s, it’s easy to be confused. It’s why the truth was explained in simple stories, so no one could interfere with their simple meanings amen.

Solomon wondered at the doubters, who were lost, and said to himself, they only have to read the old stories, the answer is in them, as for the virus, it was a case of creating the circumstance, for healing to occur, not the panic so many seemed to encourage, amen. All that has happened, has been written before, in books, songs, etc…

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