Times Running Out…

Panic, what’s normal, I used to run a mile in six minutes, now I’m lucky if I walk it in an hour, panic, my bones ache, I use more prescription medication than marijuana, my clothes don’t hang on me, my shoulders droop, and I need to pee more too, and those rich foods I used to love, they only upset me, time is running out, my hair is getting thinner, only in my dreams am I young, and as for the virus thing, I can’t even go shopping in comfort, it’s a mess everywhere, my friends can’t come to visit, is there anything else to complain about, I feel as if time is running out, what is wrong with me, I’m not even close to ninety.

Panic, alarmed, worried about the future, having to retrain, it’s all going south. Stop sighed Solomon, you’d been over heating the brain lately, slow down, put your feet up, get that snack bar you’ve been saving for a treat, have it now, time never runs out, it’s just confusion setting in, who wouldn’t be, one tyrant tries to out do the other, elite friends, they don’t need medical cover, it’s provided free, they have friends who want to do them favor while you have none, but it’s always been like that, why the added anxiety.

You can’t add worry to the day and feel good, but you can make up a today plan, and hope to achieve some, as for time running out, its’ just your legacy, the impact of your life on others, maybe you want to do a few helpful things, amen.

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