9/11 The Anniversary

One day, breakfast as normal, nothing to think it wouldn’t be otherwise, many souls will think about the time, the sadness visited on so many lives, how life can change in an instant. As many reflect on the could have been’s, the lives cut short, there has been so many changes in the meantime, the world has undergone profound change, the financial calamity of 2008, the election of a TV president, Brexit, the covid virus, and 200,000 deaths, and the anniversaries of so many wars, the entire human race has been put through the washer, and many have suffered. It’s as if the world and it’s ills have been poured into the street and we all have to accept our sufferings.

Take heart in the knowledge, there is a world after this one, we are living in a temporary structure even though we treat it as if this is all there is, be assured there is a life beyond this one, and that those souls who have gone ahead, are all trying to help us realize, that to this other world we may ascend, if we decide to live like good Samaritan’s. In the meantime, spare a thought for the Palestinian People, who have had to live like emigrants in their own homelands, imagine what they have to endure.

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