Words Heal

Words heal, not to be forgotten, the ease of mind, the Spirit lifts,the dark fades, use them with gentleness, curb the feelings, you don’t have to respond, patience, what you hear can be so upsetting, the fragile nature we tend to ignore, Solomon saw life in words, maybe it’s the experience we have to under go, it widens the meanings, amen. Fanatics don’t have patience, narrow minded, aggressive, and enjoyer’s of misery. With words you can write the future, just imagine it.

Solomon recalled the day, he was giving the inside track to be used for wisdom’s purpose, the reason all talents are given, it was an old long faded memory, it was the story of the parable, the day was a memory, he was having a few lately, he sighed, what made them so greedy, he was aiming for Spiritual renewal way back then, just a memory, credit to the talent giver first, and don’t be so eager to grab the cash, it will come along with help, the talents are renewed with the ways to the future, if you remain true, amen.

Solomon read the history of a music man, the ideas ran dry, too much pride, no room for the Spirit, then recalled those who tried to usurp the Spirit, it was a history, but the lessons, those who rise and fall like a wave, and accept the lows, will always rise again, amen. whatever you do, don’t steal from the Spirit, amen.

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