Help Help Help

Their coming, they tremble at the sight, the size of them, we are done for, they are stronger than us, the fear spreads, the limbs go limp, the chins droop, the chest drops, their coming, thud thud thud, the ground shakes, then the army stops.

David steps forward, are we going to live in fear all our lives, he doesn’t fancy life as a slave if they decide to be gentle and not slaughter them all, then he hears a voice, have you Faith son, go on, just do it, step out there, I wont allow you drown. The boat rocks, the waves are high, Jesus is having a decent sleep, he’s had a long day, his apostles are getting anxious, do you think he’ll let us drown they think, go on, wake him, their nerves are beginning to shatter, the fear. The wake up Jesus, what now he says, looking at them, their faces full of concern, the boat is sinking Lord, we fear that we will drown. For Heaven’s sake, will you relax, he says a prayer, the storm calms down, no faith Jesus sighed, then went back to sleep.

Trying times, nerves pushed, under pressure, a lot of it made up, trying to stir the Spirit within, it could be the fear of today, while two sets of extremes squeeze the ordinary man and woman in the middle, forcing them to choose almost.

Solomon sighed, Jesus will never let you down if in doubt read the parables about him, you will soon begin to relax, try it if you have any doubts.

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