What is rare

The angel spoke to the prophet, easing his concerns, the world was in flux, there was a lot of anxiety about, there were signs, great scenes in the sky, unthinkable weather changes, revelations, the vision of angels by children, and confused and unstable leaders. The world had never seen so much change in so short a time.

The angel said, what is rare and what is common, you must decide for yourself what that is.

Solomon sighed, the old story, the words of Jesus, rare, will there be any of the real Spirit left when the great return happens.

In a world full of worry it was difficult for the great Spirit to rest, it’s so easily disturbed. But he was smiling, the changes that occurred now, were in direct reference to the well being of Spirit, we need to become aware, of the temporary nature of our lives, and that which lasts for ever.

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