Lessons in History, The Virus

It’s happened before, it will happen again, at least we have the past to guide us into the future. How we learn, how we apply it, did we really listen to it, how do we wish we did. Lessons are hard learned. Impatient leader, bossy, bullying type, has the resources, has the pride, believes he is blessed, thinks he understands God, pushes on, using policies that are divisive, believes that money will quite them, gives his people short term security, uses threats to enforce his opinions, has no sense of humility, pretends to listen, and fools many people. It could be any range of people, it could be today, it could be the knight crusaders in Jerusalem 800 years ago.

In the current times, there are calls for restraint, we can’t go on the way we have been, water is getting murkier, the number of angry people swell, while those with the armies, try to subdue them, how long can it go on, a new direction or a catastrophe. those enjoying the perpetual good life, will party on, those with a conscience will call for change, most people will just get on with it and do as they are told.

Solomon was reading about times past, the struggle for freedoms, and all the histories that make us up, that create the rules. How do we learn, are there lessons we can learn from, do we always have to go to the brink, pressing issues in a world on a chaotic edge.

The crusader kings were asked to seek peaceful resolutions with their struggle with Islam, peace was offered many times, the crusaders were too proud, they allowed cities to be devastated, for no good reason, only pride. War is brutal.

The prophets were warned, to remind the world, we are tenants in this life, we own nothing in the end, only the memories we leave behind. Solomon sighed, may they be good ones at least, amen.

They are jealous of how you live not by how you act — Need The Spirit…re blog

Hate and jealousy is just that…hate and jealousy. From experience, I have learned that you can be everything and anything to someone and if they feel that you have “wronged” them or have offended them in away way, nothing you can do or say will change how they feel. As a people, we have to […]

They are jealous of how you live not by how you act — Need The Spirit

Head Bangers

Misery, horror, hatred, loss, revenge, despair, he could only listen to the words that came out of the mouth. The words of Jesus in his head, the mouth issues what the heart is full of, for therein your treasure lives and with every word issued, that is how you will be judged. Solomon met those with one intention, to cause distress everywhere they went until they got their own way.

The virus days had people under duress. There were those who thrived in the chaos, enjoying the despair others had to endure. How do you cope, when there are those around you who remind of despair, is there a space I can go to, to save myself from their disease.

Solomon learned a coping mechanism, that many living under the stress of abuse could use, to help them navigate away the mental anxiety they were forced to suffer. Imagine you are the therapist in the chair, and it’s your job to listen, but your not listening, you are letting them blow off steam. If you give them a few minutes they will run out of things to say. It works most of the time, share.

I can

Every politician can, whatever can means, including kicking the can down the road, I can save the nation, slogans, the ease with which words leave the mouth. Jesus never said I can, he always gave credit to the Father, seeking popularity wasn’t part of the plan, the guidance part was the route he chose.

How much ego does anyone really need, is there a limit to personal ambition. In times of crisis, and it’s a crisis every day when your poor, a glum thought for many, but in times of crisis, the voice of understanding is the one we want to hear, not the overtones of a chancer, who throws out the best sounding slogan there is.

Solomon wondered at all those trillions lying off shore, the silence of so many loud voices, the ones you hear when there is no crisis, safe in not being asked to help, who shut up and hide when the trouble mounts, fair weather contenders, who say they can, but shut up when put to the test.

Having witnessed the Spirit, miracles and all the rest, it was time for all the silent voices to raise themselves to new heights, particularly, when they Can help.

Closing The Circle | The Creator — Rainbow Wave of Light

How much energy are you willing to give a negative experience that is over and done with? In replaying the moment over and over, you are continuing to feed it the power you so richly deserve for yourself. Releasing the energetic charge and closing the circle will allow you to move forward into a new, […]

Closing The Circle | The Creator — Rainbow Wave of Light

The Caravan of Dreams and These years of Living Dangerously…

The world of wonders, the thoughts that lie in your heart, your heart is the caravan pulling a load of dreams, young and hopeful, there is no drag on the strength you need, it’s all within in you, and the One who created the world, wants you always to succeed, in what’s best for you. Those who have big hearts, carry the dreams and hopes of many with them, and when they act sincerely, they have the Real Spirit that attracts the attention of the most high. Older, with more experience, the dreams narrow, stuff you have to learn, the influences you can do without, it’s called learning and wisdom combined.

We jump fences, take short cuts, we leave gaps behind us, when we expect too much too soon, there are very few who go through the experience of life without leaving a few holes in their past. As said by many, you know what is in the well when your back is against the wall, no place left to go, you have to dig deep, into the well of experience and self, what will you find in there. It’s the parable told by Jesus, when the storm arrives, what’s your foundations built upon. Those of straw, fall over easily, an example being, those you tried to short circuit the route, and used others, what have they to fall back on.

This is a time of great change, and the foundations inside you are being put to the test, what are you made of. For many it’s a time to re learn, to re position themselves, start again with a new perspective, free from the resentments and anxiety, and guilt perhaps, they allowed to control them.

When you get to the middle of the journey, you don’t want to have to rebuild the foundations, but sometimes, we have no choice. Relationships built on falsehoods, usually unravel, when the pressure is applied.

Solomon was reminding himself. In times of doubt, there were always those who tried to harm those who held onto the Spirit, or tried to mislead those who wanted to go a new direction in their lives. The answer to getting over this problem, was a simple one; immerse yourself in the parables of Jesus, they were designed to point you in the right direction, for all your life.

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You’re Allowed To Care And You’re Allowed To Show It  — Thought Catalog