More Spiritual less Ritual…

Solomon was in the temple, listening to the preacher, it’s important how you communicate, and what holes your digging and if they can easily be filled in, in a nutshell, can the good Samaritan walk in the trail that you leave. Branding, I am a good this, you are a good that, we are pure, that is the other. Jesus tended to simplify matters as best he could, and reminded his followers and apostles, that the sheep were spread out among the different flocks, they were scattered among different groups of believers. He didn’t use brand names, and never gave Himself the credit for his miracles, he acknowledged God, his Father, who existed in the Space, the Spirit inside us, for those who made time for it, and space. It wasn’t a question of prayer alone, it was how you treated others, the compassion you’d shown, the kindness, these were the characteristics that gladdened the Father, the ritual sacrifices he told them was not what was wanted or desired, rising the Loving Spirit, helped all.

Words are used to divide people, words are used to condemn people, and words are used to unite people, and words soothe people, I love you, the words you don’t hear often enough, that light you up.

Building walls was easy to do, when one particular set of believers assumed they had a privilege, or preference when it came to Godly matters. Jesus tells us this, the pharisee’s displayed this, and history shows how we ignored this, all too often, given licence to dictators everywhere, in all forms. In the light of the New World Experience many were facing into, it was more important now than ever before, to recall this timeless wisdom. I don’t eat this food or that, I ate what my Mother put before me, it was how we survived. Once we allowed ritual to be just that, ritual, we could focus on the Spiritual well being, of those we encounter, amen.

To be or not to be, Children of God, that is the aim of those who gather in worship, and that’s how they should be described.

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