Talk to Me….

It’s going to be a confrontation, whose ready for it, they both are on a war footing, there is only one way this can end, the sides prepare, the artillery is arranged, the arguments and the blame, there is hurt and fear, losing has consequences, winning is all, it could be a court room, it could be an election, it could be a marriage counselor, how can you solve the problem, unless you talk to me. What’s the point if you don’t listen she said, your not talking to me. Solomon sighed, it’s the same as talking to God, you have to get into the right frame of mind.

The lady is Spiritual, is filled with the Spirit, she can heal, it’s every tough on the emotions, Jesus confirms this, its even written about, the lady who touched his cloak, who wanted to be cured by him, he reacts when he feels her touch, energy had gone out of Him. Love is energy sapping, it has to be refilled, the vessel inside, then more becomes available, same as the stream, it has many sources of water to keep it going strong. The lady passing on the Spirit of healing, she prepares for the encounter, otherwise the Spirit can’t be strong.

Solomon was explaining to a friend, meetings, appointments, the friend sighed, we get nowhere, Solomon replied, well, you have to prepare yourself in advance, you can’t go into talks expecting nothing, otherwise you won’t be prepared to listen. Imagine he sighed to himself, you are meeting God, the day is today, you have to get your script write, there is not much time, imagine what you’d do. Prepare, empty the head of useless thoughts, rest, and expect the unbelievable, in other words, change. Are you talking to me, listen then he sighed.

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