We don’t belong

She is a gifted child, doesn’t communicate with confidence, is awkward around people, has an energy inside her, she senses the emotions of those near by, leaves her feeling cold, I don’t belong here. Her mother thought she was under developed, they brought her to see specialists, what was the problem they sighed, the girl didn’t understand, all she felt were the vibes around her, felt like she didn’t belong.

Solomon was thinking of those who were gifted in so many ways, who didn’t subscribe to the material minded thinking that had polluted their world. Why had the water to be polluted, wasn’t there enough for everyone. He was thinking of the mothers who spend their days plotting how to do best for their children, the example they wanted them to follow. Fraught with worry, many didn’t want their child to become victims in a non caring world, what is there to do.

Meanwhile, those in power, parade their wealth to their people, boasting to all with eyes, showing off, the perfect lifestyle, decadence and excess, as if it was the dream of those watching this parade to imitate what they were viewing. Solomon wondered, had they heard about Jesus, and the divine power he had, or where that power came from. Had they any idea of the harm they were spreading, telling so many they didn’t belong, unless they wanted to be like them.

To the left to the right, he recalled the parable of the wise King, who returned after a long absence, to see how his people had been treated while he was away. Jesus told many such stories to warn all, if you don’t act with compassion and kindness, you didn’t belong to him, no matter who you were, amen. While he walked the earth, Jesus had a difficult time fitting in too. Don’t give up believing, amen.

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