The Virus and The Challenge

The normal space is empty, it has to be refilled, you are changing the habits of a life time, imagine it’s the day of your wedding, the past is over, a new world has begun. How do explain yourself to yourself in this new world. Nervous expectations, it’s all new. You are a recording artist, the tour schedule has been changed, but the music still has to be heard. New venues required, a new outlook required, its a lot of change in a short space of time.

The boy wakes up, his first day at school, the uniform is put on for it’s first public showing, it’s all new. We all know the child will cope with the dramatic changes, his mothers holds his hand, she is nervous too, she is handling his care and education over to others. How do we cope with change, it’s new for everyone.

In simple terms, its’ a question of putting yourself in the shoes of others, what does life look like when their is turmoil and change, uncertainty too, you read about the story of the famine victims waiting for the food truck, you see them racing to the vehicle, wondering to yourself, if they only waited, how much easier for all. This can never happen to us, why are they not patient. These are words you can express, but you have never starved yourself, do you really understand what it feels like.

How do we cope with the Virus; how does anyone cope with sudden change. We take examples of those who have gone through it before us, and hopefully we learn. New skills are called for, more time to dwell on the self, more introspection, more thinking to do, are we able for all this. See it as an opportunity to re appraise your self, new frontiers are opening up, widen the learning trough, realize the value of true friends, those who point us in the right direction, not those who tell us what we want to hear.

The vessel is empty, and you are going to fill it with what is life giving, What though?.


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