One Teacher

The wisdom in books, the words of eternal life, the secret treasures, the search for our identity, who we are. The organisation forgets it’s true purpose, they exist to promote the words of eternal life, not to enslave people in rules. Solomon was reading the story, a novel, there are lessons everywhere. A man is on the ground, slumped over the sidewalk, a bottle beside him, clearly inebriated. A man passes, a woman passes, they look at him, others step over him, they have business, let him sleep it off, it’s his own doing.

A child passes by, looks and stares, the mother who holds the child’s hand, rushes the child along, doesn’t want the child exposed to such stuff, it’s not helpful, it’s unsightly, hurry up she says, as the child looks around, wondering what is that.

Jesus told the pharisee’s, and his own apostles, you have only One teacher. The pupil is supposed to imitate the teacher when trained. Solomon sighed, I hope they understand.


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