a new world

what’s the lesson he asked, Jesus looked at the apostle, why do you ask. Miracles, divine help, what needs to be said, it’s all about Spirit, you just have to believe. They looked at him, what does he mean, Jesus sighed, do I have to explain it again; The Father lives inside you, you have to make the space; space they said, what do you mean?. Jesus sighed, Father, what is their problem.

How can love live happily with hatred or oppression, think about it.

Solomon sighed, it’s so simple, if only they could listen. then he recalled the words of Isaiah, they had ears, but they didn’t listen, eyes that couldĀ  not see. How the words of the prophets are made clear. Solomon sighed, it was the year of 2020 vision, what else needed to be said, amen.Love thy Neighbor by Luke Embden, Street Art, Budapest, Hungary