without friends

where will it lead us, a world without friends, how empty it feels. Alone in the apartment, nowhere to hide the emotions, alone with oneself, is there anyone I can trust.  What does the world mean to me; is it a dead end, or is there something more.

Solomon sighed; It was the start of the Easter festival, the world was closed, then it was that way for years, until the great hope came along; there was talk of the Messiah, the One who would change it all. Recall the ancient words, you have a great destiny, it’s just a question of believing, in that which lasts for ever, true love.

Love, wanting the best for others.

7 thoughts on “without friends

  1. Hey Brendan,

    Hope all is well there! Drop me a line whenever you are free to let me know everything is alright there! Your story has been published in Agnishatdal, hope you got the copies of the Ezines!

    stay safe and well.
    much love.

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