Perfection is not human….


Only God is perfect, and we who believe, are his children, guardians of the world, and this is well known,  as for the ascended masters, who continue to help and encourage us, don’t fret Jesus said, you are all Gods, this is what the ancient scriptures says, Jesus repeats the words, when they come to challenge him, when they accused him of being of God. Humility, charity, compassion, respect for creation, these are all things we must practice. There will be false prophets in times of trial who will try to mislead you, the demon in forms, trying to take control of God’s children, don’t be fooled, the Kingdom of God is inside you, the Spirit that lives, and the comfort of that Spirit, the habits you have. Yes, there are those who will misuse their gifts and try to fob you off with big talk and intellectualism, they will fool some, but they never fool God. Be on your guard, we are given warnings, hold tight to the teaching of Jesus, and the ancient prophet warnings, remind yourself.

Solomon sighed; the world was under going change, that was all, a push was been given, our habits have to change, our greed is destroying us all, friendships too, pushing our ego’s to such highs, we look down on others. Amen.

Solomon prayed, may the schemes of the deceivers implode on them alone and those of them, those who use fear, those who want to divide nations and souls. Having encountered the miraculous more than once, and with electricity in his veins, Solomon was putting his seal on evil, amen.


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