Opportunity Community

OC, the chance to show what we are really like, how we respond to this crisis, and how we are thereafter. IN times of great trouble, we can often feel very vulnerable, left out, same as when you go through a difficult experience on your own. This global and national crisis, is another way to proving to our selves, what sort of people we really are, behind the spin we all portray.

Many nations in time, had had to deal with great uncertainties, which led to the exploitation of nations and peoples, to many cases in point, given the amount of divine interventions in the world is such a short number of years, is it not a call to all of the hearts out there, to think beyond the individualism that has been destroying the earth and well being, and another opportunity, to show what we are really like, Able to share, without thought of exploitation; Solomon sighed, a new world was being born in the hearts of many; there will still be those who will exploit at every opportunity, as is written, but God’s people have the door opened to them, so that the compassion they now show, will become part of their good deeds, as written, amen.


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