New World Sacrifice

What are you talking about, sacrifice, what do you know about it. The two young women look down at their coffees, the off comment unexpected, particularly from the stranger, an elderly man, who is seated at the next table. Sacrifice he says out loud, when did, the waitress cuts him off, you will have to leave if you keep this up sir she says. The young women smile approvingly, while the old man is led from the cafe.

Solomon sits in his bedroom, the radio is on, he is listening to the news, the threat of a virus, the near lock down of Italy, and the closure of schools and large public gatherings outlawed across Europe. It must have been like that during the last great war, as he imagined groups of men and women, huddled around old radio sets, hoping for good news about the allied advance, the same hope the concentration camp inmates felt, when they heard the planes overhead, and the sound of bombs falling close by. Is this the world going through a re birth, are these the days of Esdras and the prophecies of change, great tribulations.

The planes arrive again, three nights later, the inmates of the camp, please, please, they want to hear the bombs fall, they are thinking of the Gas Chambers, the war is going to end soon, as the bombers are heard more often.

In times of great change, remain calm, recall the words of Jesus, the Power of God is inside you, find the space, don’t fear death, it’s only an experience, remember the eternal promise. All sorts of thoughts filter through Solomon’s head; the world has a chance to slow down, a time to rethink the future, new thoughts and new thinking was forming in many hearts; compassion, love, peace, and such thoughts,  going into the diet of many hearts. A time of trial for God’s people, perhaps; but hadn’t so many given their lives for a better world to come, amen.

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